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Is God Hiding from You? [001]

"God... What do you want from me?!?! I'm doing my best and would gladly do even better IF I just knew exactly what You wanted!"

Yeah, you know you've said something like this before. Me too. And... it's ok.

In the opening lines of his book, The Grand Weaver, Ravi Zacharias says, "This is a fair and haunting question." He then gives us a little comfort by implying that we're not the first to ask this important question and that even the great theologians have come to call this the hiddenness of God

I'll ask if you want the good news or bad news first but then I'll assume you would like to be left on a good note?


God will rarely (ok...almost never) part the heavens and show you your life's events all etched out in stone and in chronological order. Remember, the book can only be read after it is first written (at least from our point of view, but from God's point of view is for another blogpost altogether). Think about this soberly for a moment: Would you really want to know all that your life is meant to be from the beginning? Have you ever considered how much joy that would rob from you? Excitement and anticipation are some of the most wonderful expressions of the human experience.


Even though we cannot know God's will for our lives exhaustively and completely, we can gather some very reliable clues in some often overlooked areas. The Grand Weaver demonstrates a type of life-hacking tool to discover meaningful insight into God's will. He's not hiding as much as you think, and how well you relate to God will almost always determine how much He will reveal to you. With God, relationship precedes revelation.

A quick list of these clues (adapted from the chapter titles of Ravi's book) can be seen in your #DNA, #Disappointments, #Calling, #Morality, #Spirituality, #Will and #Worship. All these shine a bright light into your ultimate Destiny.

Ravi shares an intriguing and challenging thesis in the closing portion of the introduction to his book:

Once you begin to see God's hand in your life, you will know that his workmanship within you and through you was tailor-made, just for you. His design pulls together every thread of your existence into a magnificent work of art. Every thread matters and has a specific purpose. #RaviZacharias #TheGrandWeaver


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