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Life: Where Do I Even Start? [022]

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Ever notice how many things compete for... well... you? What I'm thinking of are the companies and corporations competing for your dollar. Social media competing for your like, subscribe, and follow. Your kids competing for your attention. To do lists and projects competing for your time. Thoughts, ideas, dreams, nightmares all competing for your mind? Products and services competing for your loyalty. Our exhaustion competing for our rest. My goodness! Where does one even begin to make heads or tails of things? How in the world can we prioritize what's truly important? We don't even have enough time to come up for air!

I remember when my son started his first job and his first day of college. Parts of me envied him at this stage of his life - knowing what I know now - as they say. Then again, I also remember how hard that stage of uncertainty was. Always wondering if you're making the right decisions with the steps being taking. Afraid that, if not, how long would the consequences affect you or cost you in the long run.

No thanks. Been there. That's why I'm writing this to you... right now.

Solid Foundation

It's time go "back to basics". Some of us might not like that phrase and that might be because most of us are just past that stage already. At least we think we are anyways. The fact is that, all too often, some of us may have hit the skip button on that track in the song of our lives. We might have just shot right past the fundamentals way back when and now we're paying the consequences. Koukl candidly states his point,

Start at the beginning. Start with the foundation. The foundation is God. #GregKoukl #TheStoryOfReality

We feel it's too late and we don't have time. That's a lie. Don't believe that. You can never build something that will last until you build on a solid foundation. An ancient prophet points us to the solid foundation that only the Jewish Messiah provides:

Look! I am placing a foundation stone... a firm and tested stone. It is a precious cornerstone that is safe to build on. Whoever believes need never be shaken. #Isaiah #TheProphet

Purpose From Heaven's View

Make up your mind to take back control of what has gotten twisted in your life. Make the time to straighten it out. Sometimes, that's not always easy. It will always take intentional time and patient effort. Not once or twice, but rather the creating of a new habit, a new lifestyle.

The Story is not so much about God’s plan for your life as it is about your life for God’s plan. Let that sink in. God’s purposes are central, not yours. Once you are completely clear on this fact, many things are going to change for you. #GregKoukl #TheStoryOfReality

Alignment with just that single statement, Koukl's, The Story of Reality can masterfully readjust the way we see things.

Remember all the things, people and issues listed at the beginning of the article? All the things competing for your time, money, affections, etc? Those people and those things that compete for your everything from the time you wake up until the time you lay your head back down? Well... we've forgotten one:


And He's the "biggie". When it comes to answering the question of, "Who deserves complete priority and commitment in your life?" There's only one worthy answer. His view of you is all that matters. He knows best. He wants the best for you.

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need. #JesusChrist #TheGospelAccordingToMatthew

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Cae Towns - Copy editor

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