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What Is Your Life's Calling? [010]

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Ever been able to help someone only because you had "been there" or gone through it yourself? What a powerful sensation when you think back and realize, "Oh, that's why that happened to me so many years ago, so I can help this person right now!"

While we may be investing into and working ourselves to the bone to be successful (as usually defined by our circles of influence), our true calling often derives itself from a different source altogether: The pattern of our past. This brings us to one of my favorite lines in Ravi's book, The Grand Weaver,

God trained Moses in a palace to use him in a desert and trained Joseph in a desert to use him in a palace. - #RaviZacharias #TheGrandWeaver

Personal Discovery

My whole life from middle school through high school, I just knew I would be a personal exercise trainer. Get paid to show people how to work out? Sign me up! Little did I know how being a certified trainer for 5 years would later shape my whole approach to ministry. Why? The short version is that I came to realize God had called me to train His "body" rather than just merely physical bodies. I still remember the moment of confirmation when I thought over the statement, "Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come."

What a Calling Looks Like

Ravi defines a calling as,

...God's shaping of your burden and beckoning you to your service to him in the place and pursuit of his choosing...noticing the threads designed just for you. #RaviZacharias #TheGrandWeaver

The answer to the riddle of calling is all around you. Hiding in plain sight.

What problems do you enjoy solving for others? What type of conversations will you lean forward in your chair for? What tragedies really turn your stomach? What types of things, good and bad, make your heart beat faster and grab your attention immediately? 

As you ponder over these questions, I believe Ravi's insight in this matter provides an additional layer, and more so, the proper foundation as you look towards fulfilling your calling. 

Know that you are God's temple. Bathe yourself in prayer. Live out your life in humility of spirit that serves for the right reasons. Seek the counsel and example of godly men and women. Finally, exhibit a commitment to the preeminence of Christ in all things... Take the thread of wanting to serve wherever he wants you and add it to the mix. The design will thrill you one day. #RaviZacharias #TheGrandWeaver

What do you think?

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