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When Unique Is Not Necessary. [013]

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

So... you're one of those special few who craves to be truly unique?

I still remember a moment in a movie where my mind and heart raced almost uncontrollably. When I heard Russell Crowe in A Beautiful Mind utter that powerful line of life's desire, find a truly original idea. That's the only way I'll ever distinguish myself. That's the only way I'll ever truly...matter. #RussellCrowe #ABeautifulMind

Is it just me or does that just stir you up? Anyone? Now, I'll own that it's flawed thinking. Will you? Or will you always be one of those who wants to do something that's never been done before? You love it when others say, "you can't re-invent the wheel" because you know ahead of time you're going to try to prove them wrong anyway? Problem is, this usually leaves you spinning your wheels, going nowhere. Fast. Sound familiar?

Along the way, my pastor and mentor has helped me bring balance to my natural affection for and inclination toward starting from scratch with every project given to me. What's more is, I've learned (and still learning) that usually whatever idea I do come up with for any particular project or plan, has already been done. These occasions have been both exhilaratingly affirming and utterly deflating at the same time. Affirming because I actually had a good idea. Deflating because... well, I wasn't the first. But... I got over it. So will you, if you're willing to learn that unique isn't always necessary.

First Things First:

You're Not the First.

Scripture reminds us,

What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun. Is there a thing of which it is said, 'See, this is new'? It has been already in the ages before us. #Ecclesiastes #KingSolomon

I want to share with you this first discovery: There is a middle road.

For those of you who share my passion for trail blazing, you just need to be ok with starting from a different place. It doesn't have to be square one, and that's good news for you. Let humility overcome your initial pride in this matter. When you do, get ready, because momentum can build quickly and the process can get very exciting. Why? Because what you're really after is traction with and exposure from your idea. 

when endings are new beginnings.

Again, pushing forward rarely requires starting from scratch. Plus, if you're wanting to discover your particular niche quickly, starting from where others have left off is a powerful approach. Learn from where others have been already so that you can reach your goal faster. Stand on the shoulders of the giants in your field. Discover the "framework" they used to do the impactful things they did. Watch their videos, read their books or articles, listen to their podcasts. Then apply it to whatever you're attempting to accomplish. It's like getting free mentorship from people you might never meet (or could afford).

Using the templates of the greats brings success right to your own doorstep. Mancini capitalizes on this thought when he says in his book, God Dreams,

A template is something you can choose to use and then adapt or combine; it accelerates your start but doesn’t limit your art. You don’t use a template to break a mold. Rather, you use a template to get started; and then you generate a unique version with every subsequent step. #WillMancini #GodDreams

We could also say it this way: Whenever you can, use someone else's finish to give you a stronger start

What do you think?

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Credit to Copy Editor: Cae Towns

Article Inspired by: Pastor George Hancock

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