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Why Are Morals Important? [007]

Ever really mess things up? Yeah, me too.

Are the consequences of that "mess up" still affecting your finances? Your health? Your relationships? Even though it may have been weeks, months or maybe even years or decades ago?

Social media is one outlet that has cost so many people their jobs, relationships and opportunities for advancement. What I'm referring to is the fact that more and more companies and prospective love interests are becoming accustomed to "doing their homework" on candidates before they seal-the-deal. And today, there's no better way to research someone than to hit their social media feed and look through their old posts, pictures, videos and people they tag the most. I mean really, we have no one else to blame for this. We are the ones posting this stuff! Our life's decisions, our "morals" follow us more today than in any generation that's ever preceded us. (Now might be a good time to pause reading this and go delete any questionable posts, pics and toxic "friends" in your social feed history. You're welcome. Free of charge.)

Destiny of Decisions

Like it or not, your everyday choices affect the ending moral of your life's story. Agree with it or not, what we do always predicts the path we're on. Our choices between right and wrong, sin and righteousness - they all say something to the people around us and the God above us about what we can and cannot be trusted with. In Ravi's, The Grand Weaver something is exposed in which we should know better but often choose to suppress.

We desire perpetual and autonomous existence - in effect, wanting to play God. Even though we did not author creation, we wish to author morality and take the reins of life. Combine the two attitudes, and it boils down to this: we want to live forever on our own terms. #RaviZacharias #TheGrandWeaver

Past Failures > Present Status > Future Hopes

Well, there's good news for those who can accept it... for those ready to receive it... for those ready to live it out: Ravi shares another powerful insight when he says,

Redemption precedes morality, and not the other way around. #RaviZacharias #TheGrandWeaver

Listen. You can't fix this yourself. The ones who just try from here on out to just "be nice" will never make it to the finish line. It has to be rooted in something immovable outside of you before it can move you to do something inside you. Redemption comes at a cost, but not one that you had to pay. Your moral failures can be paid for. That's how valuable you are.

What do you think?

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