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Why Is Life Such a Puzzle? [019]

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

I love movies that have main characters playing the role of a genius as well as being extremely awkward in the social arena. Watching their inner struggle to connect how they see the world, as opposed to how most others do, has just been a personal fascination of mine. Not the point of this post, but it sets up a scene from a movie that I think gives us a way to package the story we tell ourselves and how it affects the way we view the world around us.

In the beginning of the movie The Accountant, we see a young autistic boy putting a pretty detailed puzzle together. The scene quickly escalates as he has a psychotic episode when he discovers he can't find the last piece of the puzzle. He absolutely must finish, as not doing so would trigger another psychological condition that he has. Things are thrown around the room. Stuff gets broken. Panic frenzy fills the room... until someone, a little girl, who has a similar condition spots the missing piece and hands it to the boy. As the boy smashes the last piece into place, the camera angle under the glass coffee table brings an even greater reveal: This brilliant boy was assembling all the pieces to the puzzle... face down. End scene. #Mindblown.

The Box top

Real life, as a whole, can feel very similar though is even immeasurably more complex than that scene in the movie. What do I mean? We all feel like we've been given all of these pieces to fit together, with no box top, no big picture - no guide - of what the end result should look like. In Koukl's book, The Story of Reality, we're given the four questions which become the four corners (first rule of puzzle assembly, start with the corners and work inward) of the puzzle of life. He tells us that,

...worldviews help us answer the basic questions each of us struggles with sooner or later in our lives if we pause to think about the really important things: Where did we come from? What is our problem? What is the solution? How will things end for us? #GregKoukl #TheStoryOfReality

the Story You Tell Yourself

You may be protesting: "I don't have a worldview."

Yes... yes you do. So what do we mean here by "worldview"? Koukl clarifies a little bit more,

Every worldview means to tell a story like this one, a story of reality. It means to make sense of the way the world actually is—the world as we find it—not simply the world as we wish it to be. #GregKoukl #TheStoryOfReality

It's the reason you woke up. It affects every conversation you've had today. It's the reason you're reading this right now. Maybe you're unaware of what it is? That's fair. Most people don't truly know why it is they see the world the way they do. Listen to this ancient wisdom:

For the present we see things as if in a mirror, and are puzzled; but then we shall see them face to face. For the present knowledge I gain is imperfect; but then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. #ApostlePaul #LetterToCorinth

When was the last time that you took time to examine how you truly look at life? Do you know why you look at it this way? The four questions Koukl provides (mentioned above), and how we answer them reveals this thing called our worldview. So, how do you answer these? Take the time. It may be just the fuel you need at this season you're living in. If you're looking for meaning in your personal life, you've got to come to grips with how you truly view the story you're in. Then you've got to ask yourself how true to reality the story you've been telling yourself is.

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Cae Towns - Copy editor

Video, Book,Scripture References

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